Curating Lovely: 3 Autumn Delights

The last few weeks have been a struggle here on the home front, as we found our family visited by a yucky virus. Praise God, it wasn’t that virus, but a nasty one nonetheless, sweeping through every family member, and leaving me practically bedridden for 10 days.

As my fellow mamas can surely attest, moms don’t usually take ‘sick days,’ so to throw-up one’s arms in defeat in the face of any illness is pretty darn rare and dramatically disrupts the flow of family life.

Luckily, thanks to lots of help from my husband and our families, we are finally on the mend, and after a two week break from posting, I’m attempting to get back to writing.

Since I haven’t had a great deal of time to dedicate to research, I’m keeping this week’s post simple, sharing three delightful discoveries that are fueling my soul this fall: a charming seasonal children’s book, an artfully crafted fall screen time option, and a gorgeous pumpkin succulent.

I hope you enjoy these little bits of lovely as much as I do!

Curating for Baby: 5 Strategies for Finding the Perfect Baby Carrier

In my opinion, the biggest key to baby wearing success is finding the right fit for you and your baby.

Everyone’s sizes, shapes, and preferences are different, but if you’re feeling excited about the idea of wearing your sweet little one, don’t give-up until you find that perfect fit! It’s out there.

So how to find the baby wearing gear that’s right for you?

Don’t just trust those ‘top 10’ lists, which merely pull together a list of best sellers. That’s a sure way to end up with hundreds of dollars in unused baby gear.

After trying on way too many wraps and carriers, owning five different styles and brands, and wearing two babies, here are my 5 tips for finding your best fit!

Curating Safer Beauty: SOPHi Non-Toxic Nail Polish — Too Good To Be True?

Historically, nail care has been a beauty process fraught with toxic chemicals, chemicals and a whole lot of outrageously stinky fumes.

In fact, traditional polishes can contain a slue of yucky ingredients, from formaldehyde to parabens. And nail polish can be particularly problematic for pregnant women, especially if it contains the chemicals toluene or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), possible human developmental toxicants.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if we could enjoy a lovely, polished look (pun intended) without sacrificing in wellness and nail health?

This summer, I discovered something really different: SOPHi non-toxic nail polish by Piggie Paints — a water-based, virtually odorless polish, free from all harsh chemicals. And…it actually works.

Curating Recipes: Apple Cinnamon Instant Pot Oats for the Whole Family

Ready for your house to smell like the apple-cinnamon-y goodness of fall? Forget the scented candles; just get cooking! This recipe for Instant Pot oatmeal couldn’t be simpler — or tastier. Bursting with flavor, this oatmeal serves up a nutritious, comforting breakfast the whole family can love, from baby to nursing mama.

Curating for Baby: 5 Elegant, Non-Toxic Infant Toys

During those first six months of delicate infant-hood, I love to craft an environment for baby that’s as pure and natural as possible. Doing so has required a little extra leg-work, and I’ve often had to look beyond the big retailers like buybuyBaby and Target.

Crafted from natural, non-toxic materials, these heirloom quality toys are sure to delight parents and babies alike!

Curating for Baby: Simplify Your Registry with These Top 10 ‘Skips’

As we enter the unknown realm of the newborn, I think it’s only natural for parents to seek out some semblance of ‘control’ through an amassing of baby paraphernalia.

And at this particular moment in time, I can’t begin to imagine the stressors burdening expecting parents. Many may be experiencing unexpected financial challenges. Others might be missing out on the celebratory showering of baby gifts and well wishes they’d surely have enjoyed just six months prior.

So now, more so than ever, is the perfect moment to consider ideas for simplifying.

Curating for Baby: A Lovelier Lovey

I think most moms would agree, that on any given day, there is a whole lot of ‘stuff’ in our homes that does NOT necessarily elicit joy!

In fact, in glancing around my bedroom as I type this, I spy three things that are mildly annoying: a plastic popper toy, a Frozen castle, and a ball tower.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with any of these items, but with their bright colors, loud noises, and general plastic-y-ness, they aren’t exactly contributing to a spa ambiance over here either.

But every once in while, aesthetic meets function in a spectacularly artful way…

Curating Less Plastic: My Favorite Healthier Sippy Cups

In curating what I consider to be the very best options, my top priorities are, health — the safety of the products materials, and sustainability — options to extend the useful life of the product.

My top picks are constructed from stainless steel and silicone, and can be paired with a variety of tops that enable the bottle to grow alongside your child.

Curating for Toddlers: The Case for a Healthier Sippy Cup

What comprises a safe sippy? Current evidence suggests that the healthiest cups won’t be made from plastic.

If that’s the case, why are so many parents (myself, at times, included) still choosing to purchase and use plastic products?

It’s a question I mull over often, pondering what is it about plastic that makes it just so…pervasive. Well, for starters, it’s everywhere you look; it’s affordable; it’s convenient.

And since parents have limited time and ever-increasing demands upon it, convenience often, and understandably, reigns supreme.

Curating Safer Beauty: 5 Steps to Launch Your Journey!

I think most women would agree — we deserve beauty products that make us feel as lovely as they make us look. When applying that lotion, or blending that blush, we shouldn’t have to worry about harming our health!

But how and where to begin?

Embarking upon a quest for safer products is certainly intimidating, but it’s a worthwhile undertaking. As women, we can have a big impact. A 2019 article from Forbes, reported that “women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchase decisions.” And with the US beauty industry accounting for roughly $93 billion in consumer spending, the sum impact of our choices is powerful.

When we choose to support safer products, we are creating the demand for a better supply.


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