Hello, I’m Catherine! Let’s curate something lovely, together.

The Blog:

Through my writings, I hope to inspire myself and others as I reflect upon the lovely in the everyday, seek joy in the simple, and strive for personal enrichment while mothering full-time. Join me on a quest for the good stuff: things simple, functional, and aesthetically-pleasing.

The Content:

Lovely Little Things: What’s lovely to me? Experiences and things that elevate my soul: Inspiring children’s books, aromatic teas, artful period dramas.

Wellness: I’ve spent the last decade striving to feel better. I’m passionate about eating organically, living gluten-free, and the ongoing process of seeking-out safer products for self and home.

Thoughtful Consumption: A chronic over-thinker, I tend to obsess over the details, insisting that even the smallest of decisions requires some modicum of research. Having dedicated so much time to curating, I hope to pay it forward, by sharing with others.

Pragmatism: I believe that lovely is for everyone! We needn’t spend a fortune to elevate our daily experience. In fact, I believe we can spend less! By prioritizing the things that matter to us and living a bit more simply, we can find the delightful, affordably. Some may think it gauche to discuss cost, but financial well-being is truly its own kind of lovely.

About Me:
I’m currently a stay-at-home mom to two: a sweet, rambunctious four-year old boy, and a highly-spirited, adorable girl of 14 months. I’m passionate about tender and thoughtful mothering. Outside of parenting, my passions include wellness, writing, musical theater, song, dance, and history. I reside in sunny California with my little ones, and, because opposites really must attract, I have a very no frills, shockingly sporty husband.