Curating Lovely: Ode to Rosewater

Seeking something lovely today? It’s time you treated yourself to a bottle of delightfully refreshing rosewater. When I reflect upon my favorite lovely little things, rosewater definitely tops the list.

‘How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.’

Lovely to behold and divine to smell, rosewater is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and, perhaps most importantly, free from toxic and harsh chemicals.

This simple, two-ingredient product can function as:

  • Toner: Simply mist your face following a thorough face washing to help close-up pores, nourish skin, and prevent blemishes
  • Setting Spray: Spritz to set foundation, blush, and eye shadow
  • Natural Perfume: Upgrade from the cloying, heavy scent of synthetic fragrances, and opt instead for the airy, natural scent of rosewater
  • Afternoon Pick Me-Up: I love to spray myself with a spritz or two in the afternoon to lift my spirits and reinvigorate my skin. This is actually my favorite application for the product.

Like many women, I suffer from the occasional blemish. But since incorporating rosewater into my daily (and nightly) routine, I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin’s texture. Even over the course of my pregnancies, I’ve encountered only a handful of blemishes. And if I allow myself to run out, I notice a difference in my skin within days. Now, if only it could do something to resolve these ages spots and wrinkles!

How to select a good product? First, and foremost, protect yourself from green washing by checking the ingredient list! Ingredients should mention only one to two things: rose (Rosa, Damascena) and water. It should not contain alcohol, synthetic fragrance, or any other chemicals. For maximum wellness, I recommend seeking out a brand that utilizes a glass bottle (rather than plastic) and sources organic roses.

Wondering if something so seemingly luxurious will break the bank? Despite what some posh beauty sites might suggest, it really needn’t! Rosewater is readily available and even an organic version can be acquired for around $10.

There are many wonderful options on the market, but here are the details of my current favorite:

A Lovely Little Thing: Olivia Care Organic Rose Water: I first stumbled upon this product at Marshall’s, of all places! I’ve been fortunate that my local Marshall’s has decided to stock an ever-increasing selection of safer and organic personal and home care items. This has greatly increased my access to affordable, safer products. It’s also made the experience of shopping there like an exciting treasure hunt!

When I can’t find it there, it can be ordered directly from the Olivia Care website, or for Prime members looking to save shipping costs, it’s often available through Amazon.

The Lovely:

  • Organic
  • Tinted Glass Bottle
  • No added ingredients or fillers
  • Sturdy Spray Feature (I’ve worked through around 10 bottles and haven’t had a single sprayer fail or clog)
  • Easy to attain and affordable ($10-12 on Amazon* and around $7.99 at Marshall’s)

*This Amazon link is an affiliate link. Should you purchase this product, I receive a small commission (at not additional cost to you). Thank you for supporting me!

Olivia Care Organic Rose Water on Amazon*

Any fellow rosewater enthusiasts? Head to the Comments to share why you love rosewater, or, recommend a brand favorite!

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