Hello, I’m Catherine! Let’s curate something lovely, together.

My Interests: Lovely Little Things: A handwritten note, a loaf of homemade banana bread, a comfortable, yet chic dress that fits just so, I have a deep appreciation for the lovely. What’s lovely to me? Experiences and things that elevate my soul: Inspiring children’s books, aromatic teas, artful period dramas.

Join me on a quest for the good stuff: things simple, functional, and aesthetically-pleasing.

Wellness: Having struggled with allergies throughout my life, I’ve spent the last decade striving to feel better. I’m passionate about eating organically, living gluten-free, and the ongoing process of seeking-out safer products for self and home.

Thoughtful Consumerism (Read Obsessive Over-Thinking): A chronic over-thinker, I tend to obsess over the details, insisting that even the smallest of decisions requires a certain modicum of research. As any new mother can probably relate, this characteristic only intensified during my first pregnancy. Was there really any product, food, crib, (city on earth), that could prove pure and lovely enough for my darling angel? I think not!

During a chat with a dear and understanding friend, I pondered how a fellow mother accomplished so much with her time. She gracefully juggled work, children, and school. “Well,” my friend quipped dryly, “I doubt she’s spending three days curating socks.”

“Touché,” my friend. “Touché.”

And so, like much of life, I’m striving to find that balance between thoughtful, responsible consumerism, and a quick and thorough descent into madness. But I digress; the takeaway here: don’t spend three days curating socks; let me recommend something for you since I’ve already dedicated (wasted?) so much of my own time doing so.

Pragmatism: I believe that “delightful” is for everyone! We needn’t spend a fortune to elevate our daily experience. In fact, I believe we can spend less! When I decided to stay-at-home with my 10-month old son, my husband and I sacrificed a significant portion of our income. By prioritizing the things that matter to us and living a bit more simply, we can find the delightful, affordably. Some may think it gauche to discuss cost, but financial well-being is truly its own kind of lovely.

About Me: I’m currently a stay-at-home mom to two: a sweet, rambunctious four-year old boy, and a highly spirited, adorable girl of 14 months. I’m passionate about tender and thoughtful mothering. I love and practice many of the tenets of attachment parenting, but I am not a purist in anything I do. I incorporate my favorite pieces of myriad parenting and sleep strategies to meet the very disparate needs of my two children. And I give myself grace because I live in the real world and things here are far from perfect.

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