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Join me on a quest for the good stuff – the best we can find for ourselves, our children, and our homes.

Through my candid reviews, I hope to share useful recommendations for safer, functional products, at a pragmatic price.

And through my writings, I hope to inspire as I reflect upon the lovely in the everyday, seek joy in the simple, and strive for personal enrichment while mothering full-time.

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FEATURED from the Blog

Curating for Baby: Simplify Your Registry with These Top 10 ‘Skips’

As we enter the unknown realm of the newborn, I think it’s only natural for parents to seek out some semblance of ‘control’ through an amassing of baby paraphernalia.

And at this particular moment in time, I can’t begin to imagine the stressors burdening expecting parents. Many may be experiencing unexpected financial challenges. Others might be missing out on the celebratory showering of baby gifts and well wishes they’d surely have enjoyed just six months prior.

So now, more so than ever, is the perfect moment to consider ideas for simplifying.

Curating Safer Beauty: 5 Steps to Launch Your Journey!

I think most women would agree — we deserve beauty products that make us feel as lovely as they make us look. When applying that lotion, or blending that blush, we shouldn’t have to worry about harming our health!

But how and where to begin?

Embarking upon a quest for safer products is certainly intimidating, but it’s a worthwhile undertaking. As women, we can have a big impact. A 2019 article from Forbes, reported that “women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchase decisions.” And with the US beauty industry accounting for roughly $93 billion in consumer spending, the sum impact of our choices is powerful.

When we choose to support safer products, we are creating the demand for a better supply.

Curating Literature: Delightful Classics for Little One’s Library (Ages 3-5)

There’s just nothing like scooping that sweet little one on to your lap for a story. Time stands still, as you immerse yourselves in the book’s setting and characters.

And while I enjoy sharing a variety of books with my children, new as well as old, there is something about reading the older classics that I find particularly magical. Maybe it’s the slower pacing or the rich vocabulary? Maybe it’s the feelings of nostalgia these books evoke for my own childhood? Whatever the reason, it’s an experience that elevates my spirits.